Retail POS Software Overview

Successfully running a retail store calls for a wide range of administrative, management and marketing skills. From ensuring that there’s enough inventory, coordination of cross-platform payments to putting together regular sales reports, you will feel like a juggler.

Having a competent point of sale (POS) system can ensure that all your operations run seamlessly. This article will focus on the right retail POS Software to help your online or brick and mortar retail operations go smoothly.

• What is POS?

A point of sale system, or POS, can be defined as be defined  is the place where your customers make their payments for products or services. To put it simply, anytime there is a purchase at your store, be it physically or online, customers are completing a point of sale transactions.

The POS serves as the central component or nerve centre of your business. From here every other aspect of the business converges and culminates. From customer relations, marketing, inventory and sales, it is at the POS where they all merge.

Great retail software providers such as Shopify include the tools necessary for completing transactions and streamlining operations. Features like inventory management, sales reporting and analytics all come loaded on any POS solution.

• Key POS Software features

Tasks in a retail store can get tedious and resource exhaustive. With the right POS system, retailers can simplify daily business operations with far greater efficiency. POS systems do more than offer flexibility when processing daily transactions; they better a merchant’s chances of success since they provide them with tools to streamline business pr

Sales reporting and analytics are some key features and benefits of great POS software allowing business owners to gain valuable insight into their sales.

POS retail software includes Inventory management, ensuring stock control, which helps retailers determine optimal product counts and decide when to reorder top selling products. 

Customer management features assist retailers in obtaining valuable customer information. Access to this data enables business owners to build stronger customer relationships. Happy customers will always come back.

Let us go through an in-depth look at what the main advantages of using POS software are when it comes to successfully running any retail enterprise.

• Point of Sale Advantages

1. Increased Efficiency

When equipped with the right tools to your operation will run more efficiently. If as a business owner, you expect your employees to work more efficiently and cut checkout times, you must then give them the necessary support systems. A POS system will significantly increase their workflow.

2. Ease of Use

As the world of business evolves, Technological development continues to offer solutions that are relevant in a fast paced competitive world. Sales today are getting more and more digital. Predictions are that business transactions will be cashless in the next two decades.

POS software is simple to use for both owners and employees. Anyone who can operate a smartphone can master a POS digital interface in no time. You need not be a tech whizz to operate POS systems, meaning it saves you time and effort.  

3. Cross-platform Payment Capabilities

Point of sale software can process diverse payments types, including cash, EMV chip cards, contactless (NFC), and mobile wallet payments. Offering your customers options for making payments suited to their individual preferences increases sales and customer satisfaction.

4. Greater Accuracy and reduced error

A point of sale system puts all that you need at your fingertips.  By eliminating manual entering of items and prices like you would with a cash register, POS technology reduces risk of human error and Improves Accuracy

5. Improved inventory Management

As opposed to a cash register system, point of sale technology comes with advanced inventory management capabilities preinstalled. From real-time inventory data, tracking product volumes, restock alert triggers and a retail matrix, POS software saves a business person precious hours.

6. HR Management

Getting the right POS software, such as Shopify will minimize the time you spend on rosters and scheduling enforcement. Built-in check-in time functionality means employees can clock in and out on your POS terminal.

Point of sale software empowers business owners with complete access control to employee identity, clock-ins and unauthorized system entry.

7. Business Analytics

Point of sale systems allows you to keep a close eye on sales, profits, and overheads. POS reports give you easy to read data in real-time from wherever you are. With remote (cloud) reporting a business owner can remain in touch with his business regardless of location.

POS system software allows you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, turnover, and sell-through rate. This insight into your business performance will give you a competitive edge by identifying areas of your business that need improvement.

8. Accounting

A point of sale system helps streamline and simplify the number crunching process allowing you to sidestep the tedious process of sorting through tons of paperwork. A robust POS system also provides printed reports and, in the case of Shopify, the ability to integrate accounting software.

As opposed to traditional cash registers, POS systems provide your customers with better-detailed receipts. POS systems use data to provide information such as item description, price, and savings from a sale or coupon on a customer’s receipt print out.

Brilliant systems like Shopify have added options like customizable receipts allowing for the printing of coupons directly on the receipt, publication of information on your loyalty rewards program, return policy or social media channels promotions.

9. Faster Service and checkout times

No one likes to stand in queues for long periods. Customers at a check out point that keeps them waiting too long often get frustrated and take their business elsewhere. A POS solution guarantees customer satisfaction through faster checkout experiences.

Final Thoughts

POS software solutions can lower the cost of doing business while inversely increasing productivity and profitability. Upgrading from a manual or ECR system to a retail point of sale system can significantly improve your bottom line.

Cutting the time spent on a routine day to day operations by using POS software technology will ultimately result in a faster return on investment (ROI)


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